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Formulary Medicines Policy NGH Medicines Formulary Procedures Application Form for the addition of a Medicine to the Formulary

Immunoglobulin Demand Management Programme
Individual Patient
Non-Formulary Medicine Application Form

Formulary Committee Meeting Dates
CCG/NGH Prescribing & Medicines Optimisation Agreement 2017-18

Nene Clinical Commissioning Group Individual Funding Information and Request Form
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Shared Care and Prior Approval information*

This Formulary is intended for use by staff working within Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust.  It is intended to guide treatment choice both for initiation in hospital and recommendation to primary care.

Formulary items are displayed at the top of each page.  Next to each entry is a link to the BNF and SPC for more detailed prescribing information.  Non-formulary items (including brands where generic prescribing is required) are shown in red at the bottom of each page.

Traffic Light For medicines classified as Double Red by NPAG, prior approval from the CCG is required before prescribing.
*Prior approval forms and shared care protocols can be accessed via the PathfinderRF site (password protected) 
The user name and password is on the Medicines Management page (on Quick Links) of the hospital intranet or contact Medicines Information for the password if necessary.

For NHS England Specialised Commissioning IFR request form click here or contact Medicines Information.

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